Is the Correction in Housing Just Beginning?

2022-10-25T23:00:00+00:00October 25th, 2022|Categories: INVESTMENT|

Executive Summary Soaring mortgage interest rates and falling personal disposable incomes are putting pressure on the housing market. When mortgage rates bottomed out around 2.75% and COVID-19 stimulus programs provided cash to households, home prices skyrocketed (see second graph). With current loan rates around 7.5%, monthly loan [...]

How Likely is Hyperinflation?

2022-10-11T15:58:37+00:00October 11th, 2022|Categories: INVESTMENT|

Executive Summary In this issue, I draw upon an article published on Mises Institute, by Thorsten Polleit titled: Inflation, High Inflation, Hyperinflation. As written in the article, “Goods price inflation is the symptom, and money supply inflation is its cause.” Each time the money supply has risen [...]

Are Earnings Expectations Too High?

2022-10-04T16:42:40+00:00October 4th, 2022|Categories: INVESTMENT|

Executive Summary S&P Global website is showing third quarter earnings falling 2.7% year over year. Due to the following reasons, the potential is there for a greater drop: 1) higher input costs, 2) higher interest expense, 3) higher labor costs, and 4) falling personal disposable income. Corporations [...]