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Insurance & Annuity Review and Financial Planning

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Insurance & Annuity Review
and Financial planning

The ancient Greeks believed

prudence was the charioteer of virtues because it guided all other virtues.

Why a Prudent Review?

Just like you, insurance and annuities need an annual check-up.

For professional trustees

Annual review can help protect you, the trustee, against financial liability and help satisfy your fiduciary duty.

For individual Investors

You need to know if your policy is performing well and accomplishing the goals that led you to purchase it.

What does a Prudent insurance review reveal?

We analyze your policy to highlight any red flags or underlying issues.

  • Historical performance of policy

  • Reasonableness of rate of return expected and/or required to meet objectives.

  • Likelihood of the policy’s ability to meet objectives.

  • Change in original objective.

  • Change in health status allowing for an improved rating and lower premium.

  • If the policy requires changes/replacement to meet objectives.

  • Financial strength and claims-paying ability of the insurance company.

  • Relative cost competitiveness.

  • Cash value and liquidity.

  • Possible alternative life insurance better suited to objectives.

  • Alternative strategies if the existing policy is no longer needed.

Prudent Review is insurance for your insurance.

A Prudent Annual Annuity Review determines if your

  • Annuity is performing as expected.

  • Circumstances have changed since purchasing the annuity.

  • Annuity and any riders are thoroughly understood.

  • Annuity has any embedded costs.

  • Beneficiaries are current.

You receive a detailed policy analysis report along with our Prudent recommendations, if any, for changes or additions.


We charge a flat fee per policy reviewed. The fee amount is dependent on the number of policies and/or related trusts. If a replacement policy is purchased from an agent of Prudent, the above fees will be reduced by any commissions received.

Time to for a check-up on your insurance or annuities?

Let’s talk.