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Prudent Investment Logo

Investment Management

Prudent derives from
Latin prudential, meaning

 “foresight, sagacity, practical judgment.”

All investment advisors are not the same.

Here’s what you should know about us.

Fresh approach

We have a research-based investment philosophy that strives to prevent big losses in market downturns and grow assets during cyclical upturns.

Independent firm

Nobody makes investment calls from above or beyond.

We listen

Once we get to know you, we help you select an investment strategy based on your unique circumstances and goals.

Fee-based– no commissions

That means we take no commissions for our investment management services and there is no incentive to trade.

Ethical and transparent

We keep our clients informed every step of the way so they never feel left in the dark.

We do our own research

Lots and lots of research.

Our Investment Philosophy

Strive to maximize gains and limit losses.

Many investment people stick to conventional wisdom that advises make hay when the sun shines—an upward bull market —and sit tight during down bear markets. Sometimes this approach produces large losses during downturns. Losses so great it may take years or decades to recoup.

We take a different approach.

History shows the market moves in long cycles of years, even decades, that can be trending up or down. Within these long cycles, we see shorter cycles of up and down movement for months or a few years.

We strive to achieve gains in both cyclical up (bull) markets and cyclical downturns (bear). But we use Prudence in significantly overvalued cyclical markets by reducing equity exposure. We move with the market cycles in an attempt to limit loses as well as achieve gains. We believe we do both for you to achieve maximum risk-adjusted returns over time.

Determining when to purchase and sell investments in relation to the principles of market cycles and valuation becomes crucial to successful long-term investing.

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